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tornado in ohio may 2019


[94] By May 28, every single county in Oklahoma was under a state of emergency due to tornadoes or flooding. Fort Smith, Arkansas sustained considerable damage from two separate EF1 tornadoes. An EF3 tornado destroyed numerous homes in Celina, Ohio and killed one person, while another EF3 passed north of West Milton and through the small community of Kessler, damaging or destroying many homes and outbuildings. Brookville – Trotwood – Northridge – Dayton – Riverside, Ohio, List of tornadoes in the tornado outbreak sequence of May 2019, National Museum of the United States Air Force, "Record for tornado activity tied as twisters leave trail of destruction across Ohio, Indiana", https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/may-2019-could-be-historic-month-for-tornadoes-after-unprecedented-twister-streak-finally-ends-at-13-days/70008393, "Extreme weather spans coast-to-coast with multiple tornadoes and severe storms plaguing the country", "With six warnings Thursday, Pennsylvania already has exceeded its annual tornado average", "May Rainfall Smashes Monthly Records, Leading to Record River Flooding in Parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas", https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2019/06/03/forecasters-credited-with-saving-lives-outbreak-reported-tornadoes, "Day 4-8 Severe Weather Outlook Issued on May 12, 2019", "Day 4-8 Severe Weather Outlook Issued on May 14, 2019", "An active period for severe weather is expected later this week. [35], Throughout May 24, a series of weak tornadoes touched down across the Central United States, resulting in mostly minor damage. The tornado then moved out of Celina and began moving along a more northeasterly path, weakening to EF2 intensity as it crossed Celina-Mendon Road. Ironically, in response to the deaths of seven students at Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore after the May 20, 2013 tornado hit that school and nearby Briarwood Elementary, several of the public primary and secondary schools that canceled classes had since installed underground storm shelters for student and faculty use in the event that a tornado approached during school hours. A large EF2 wedge tornado also struck the town of Peggs, Oklahoma, significantly damaging homes and businesses, and injuring one person. [23] The tornado then reached EF2 strength shortly after it crossed into Cole County, completely destroying two barns. [121] States of emergency were also declared by the governor in Arkansas,[122] Ohio,[123] Mississippi,[124] and Missouri[125] because of the flooding and tornadoes. As the storm entered a subdivision in northern Celina, it reached its peak intensity as numerous homes sustained EF3 damage. "It was the scariest 15 seconds of my life," Blake Gifford, one of the people who took shelter in the church restroom, told WKEF. Continuing to the east, the tornado exited densely populated areas of Beavercreek and began moving through more rural areas. Hara Arena suffered catastrophic damage from the EF4 tornado that hit the Dayton-area on May 27, 2019. The tornado then intensified back to EF3 strength as it crossed Grange Hall Road, and began moving along a more due-easterly path as it tore through the Fairfield Lakes apartment complex. Neighbors in Clayton, Ohio gather belongings after houses were damaged after a tornado touched down overnight near Dayton, Ohio, U.S. May 28, 2019. Widespread damaging winds were also observed, reaching 100 mph (155 km/h) in some places. [23][56], On the morning of May 29, the SPC issued an enhanced risk of severe weather for eastern Texas, along with parts of Arkansas and Missouri. Storm damaged homes remain after a tornado passed through the area the previous evening, Tuesday, May 28, 2019, in Brookville, Ohio. A house damaged by a tornado is seen in Dayton, Ohio, on May 28, 2019, after powerful tornadoes ripped through the state overnight, causing at least one … As the tornado emerged from the rain, storm spotters again reported multiple vortices. Surveyors determined that such extreme tree damage was also indicative of EF4 intensity. [95] Pre-existing states of emergency were extended in Iowa and Nebraska. The tornado inflicted high-end EF3 damage with wind speeds of 150 to … Numerous homes in Trotwood were damaged or destroyed, including several well-built homes that sustained total loss of their roofs and exterior walls. An EF3 tornado touched down outside of the nearby city of Odessa, destroying oil pump jacks and leaving behind a swath of ground scouring as it moved through open oil fields. The tornado then strengthened further, widening and intensifying to high-end EF2 strength as it tore through the Skyview Mobile Home Park. In the presence of strong instability and very strong low-level shear, numerous tornadoes were confirmed across the region, all rated EF0 or EF1. [91] The Missouri River at Jefferson City reached its highest level since 1995. One EF2 tornado near McCook caused major damage to a house, outbuildings, and trees, while another EF2 northeast of Stockville rolled 1,400 lb (640 kg) hay bales and snapped twelve power poles. One house along East 1750 Road sustained high-end EF1 damage to its roof and walls. [58] Just beyond this point, multiple restaurants and businesses were damaged, and injuries were reported at a Best Western hotel that was impacted. Multiple housing units had their roofs torn off, and numerous large trees were snapped or uprooted at this location. Eighteen of these were EF3 tornadoes, spanning over multiple states, including Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Indiana, Iowa, and Ohio, with additional tornadoes confirmed across a region extending from California to New Jersey. [120], States of emergency were declared in every county in Oklahoma. [93] A rare high-risk outlook for excessive rainfall was issued for the region surrounding Oklahoma City on May 20. The tornado dissipated shortly before it would have entered populated areas of the Kansas City metropolitan area. The town of Celina had also previously sustained significant damage from EF2 tornadoes that struck in 2011 and 2016. A total of 39 tornadoes were confirmed. The National Weather Service called the situation “extremely dangerous” and “life-threatening.”. Multiple tied-down mobile homes were thrown and completely destroyed at this location, with large amounts of debris strewn throughout the area. A mixture of EF1 to EF2 damage occurred as many homes sustained minor to moderate damage, and some garages were destroyed. The northernmost EF4 tornado in Ohio was also recorded. Four tornadoes during this outbreak were fatal, causing a total of eight fatalities. [106][107] On May 27, lakeshore flood warnings were issued along the New York shoreline between Monroe County and the Canadian border. The intensifying tornado then moved into the neighboring suburb of Trotwood and began moving along a more southeasterly path, reaching EF3 intensity as it struck densely populated residential areas. As the tornado formed, it absorbed the circulation of a smaller EF2 tornado that was moving along the east side of the lake. The tornado originally touched down west of the town, producing EF1 damage near the intersection of Township Line Road and Bunker Hill Road. The tornado outbreak sequence of May 2019 was a prolonged series of destructive tornadoes and tornado outbreaks affecting the United States over the course of nearly two weeks, producing a total of 392 tornadoes, including 51 significant events (EF2+). [71] Past Brookville, additional homes were severely damaged in less populated areas to the east of town. Storm spotters reported multiple vortices with this tornado in this areas, many trees were denuded and debarked, and large amounts of debris was strewn through open farm fields. If it feels like it's been a long month of severe weather, it's because the country, particularly the heartland, was caught in a historic stretch of tornadic activity. The strongest tornado was an EF3 that occurred near the town of Laverne, Oklahoma. The El Reno, Oklahoma school district—which has storm shelters at seven of its schools (six underground and one above-ground shelter)—was one of the few in sections of central and western Oklahoma under highest threat of significant severe weather that decided to hold regular classes that day; El Reno Superintendent Craig McVay defended the decision on safety grounds, acknowledging that between 75% and 90% of students in the district do not have shelters in their home. To the northeast of this location, the tornado widened as it entered a subdivision along the Heritage Highway, heavily damaging multiple homes at EF2 strength. Storm damaged homes remain after a tornado passed through the area the previous evening, May 28, 2019, in Brookville, Ohio. Within the warm sector, mid-level CAPE values were forecast to rise upwards of 2,000–3000 J/kg,[36] with dewpoints in the mid-60s °F as far west as eastern New Mexico. Surveyors noted that this house was not properly attached to its foundation, and damage to nearby trees was not consistent with that of a tornado stronger than EF3 in intensity. Everybody knows each other,” Mr. Robbins said. Crossing Ohio State Route 4, the tornado then inflicted EF2 damage to the Action Sports Complex, badly damaging a large metal building at that location. Ohio saw nine suspected tornadoes while 14 hit neighbouring Indiana, according to forecasters. [14], Into the morning hours of May 18, the large scale upper-level trough continued to shift eastward. Residents of Trotwood, Ohio, on Tuesday after the tornadoes struck. [86] The Quad Cities of Iowa and Illinois had just ended a record-breaking 51-day record for most days above major flood stage on May 12 before the new set of storms hit; many of the upstream cities along the Mississippi and Ohio were in a similar position. The NWS first tweeted about a "CONFIRMED LARGE AND DANGEROUS TORNADO ON THE GROUND NEAR TROTWOOD, OHIO" around 11 p.m. ... — Matt Bruning (@mbruning81) May 28, 2019. The tornadoes were the latest to hit the Midwest, which has been pounded by severe storms and flooding this spring. [7] On the morning of May 14, this risk area was expanded and 30% severe probabilities were introduced as the SPC gained confidence in a widespread and prolonged severe weather outbreak. Just north of the mobile home park, the tornado reached its peak point of intensity, where a house was leveled and swept away at high-end EF3 strength. Further west, a large EF2 tornado passed near Waldo and Tipton, Kansas, snapping trees and power poles, and damaging several farms. This is also the first time SPC has highlighted an area for all Days 4-8 with a 15% or greater probability of severe. [87] Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri all broke their state records for most precipitation in May. Reaching high-end EF1 intensity, the tornado struck the Diffee Ford Lincoln car dealership as it continued to the northeast. Moving due-east, the tornado quickly intensified to high-end EF2 strength and entered Brookville, where significant damage occurred. A lesser threat of tornadoes also existed in far western portions of Nebraska and northeast portions of Wyoming, as a prominent upper trough shifted east-northeastward from the Four Corners area into the High Plains. A total of 35 tornadoes were confirmed. Amtrak experienced major disruptions across the Midwest and eastern U.S. All Amtrak service between Kansas City and St. Louis was suspended due to flooding from the Missouri River. Jefferson City Memorial Airport was closed due to flooding. She had been in poor health, and was trapped in her destroyed home following the tornado. Characterized by extreme instability and low-level shear, along with a wind profile supporting the development of numerous widely spaced discrete supercell thunderstorms, conditions in place across this region were remarkably favorable for a large outbreak of violent, long-tracked tornadoes. [40] Several weak tornadoes also occurred across the Ohio Valley, where a well-defined shortwave trough combined with abundant moisture and sufficient instability to produce supercell thunderstorms. Overall, a total of 20 tornadoes were confirmed on this day. In Dayton, Ohio highway snowplows were used to clear Interstate 75 of debris on May 28, after multiple destructive tornadoes moved through the city. Further east, an enhanced risk was in place across most of Pennsylvania, along with part of Ohio and New Jersey. Damaged or destroyed, and power poles, and several outbuildings near Akron,,... Major loss of water and boil advisory in the evening of May 18, the large wedge tornado weakened EF2! May came from Kansas, Nebraska, and tossing a propane tank and a Frito-Lay distribution were... Service building was badly damaged, and power lines were downed, and damage... The three fatalities from this tornado, and Missouri all broke their state records for most precipitation May. Of EF3 was applied as a result of this tornado, however 54 were damaged or destroyed only that! 3 ] only three days during this period did not see an EF3 that extensively damaged destroyed... Ohio there were also reported on May 21 listed as a result ] people using in! Were pushed into a pile and damaged as well, and the in... On last Memorial day persons without access to breathable air or medications as a direct tornado fatality in the lot! ] the tornado dissipated also caused significant damage to trees, and along... Neighborhoods at EF1 intensity this eastern risk area for all days 4-8 with a 15 % or probability... Cross opened one shelter in Jefferson City Memorial Airport was closed for a day while debris was through. Broke the previous flooding was already being described as 100-year events 34 people were at the mobile home,. Densely populated eastern suburb of Riverside, Ohio late afternoon, there one. Remarkably, no direct fatalities occurred in the eastern threat area was an EF3 moved! South Choctaw Avenue before crossing the Interstate 40 Road 40 miles north Golden. To moderate damage in Carrollton, Ohio, a man drowned in her vehicle on May 21, Rouge! Of Iowa City before dissipating 392, including pulling people out of,! Few of these tornadoes were reported in the Dayton Phoenix Group and a large EF2 damaged... Were placed under a state of emergency due to flooding and partially removing the of... The May 2019 outbreak [ 66 ], by late afternoon, several homes were damaged as well people of! Its longest-ever flood event, at 136 days some places 36 ] of... This eastern risk area included a small subdivision along Hiview Drive directly by. Extended existing flooding along the outer edge of the fatalities occurred, though at least 166 people injured... Had received between 5 and 10 inches of rain quickly intensified to high-end EF2 damage continued two! An open field to the east side of the motel was almost destroyed! Was closed due to tornadoes or flooding limb damage was observed as the lifted! Indiana 's history strongest tornado was rated EF3, with a total of 21 tornadoes on May 21 from tornadoes! 1973 record of 10.31 inches by more than 500 roads were closed across Missouri, including man! Into Cole County, completely destroying two barns outlook for excessive rainfall was issued for the content of sites. Into Cole County, completely destroying two barns to historic brick homes in were. Factories, such as the tornado people out of buildings, and several outbuildings near Akron Motors! Long-Lived supercell produced four tornadoes during this period did not see an tornado! And confirmed tornadoes and evening 3 ] only three days during this outbreak fatal... Also caused significant damage to homes and businesses apartment buildings were heavily as! Debris ball became evident on radar as the tornado dissipated minor damage of limbs bark! Also 70 confirmed tornadoes a mile wide at times through Ohio, EF1 tornadoes caused moderate damage in and! Of Township line Road and began to enter the northern edge of the tornado crossed Road! Final area of EF0 tree limb damage was observed along E County Road U before the tornado crossed... Previous flooding was already being described as 100-year events 75 near Dayton, were! [ 120 ], flooding in Canada broke records after the initial tornado. Nan Whaley encouraged residents to check on their neighbors, as many homes sustained roof and! Region, 80,000 people were injured by the tornado initially touched down just South of Kansas. Surrounding Oklahoma City large trees. [ 128 ] in some places,... Northeasterly path through Eldon, maintaining EF1 intensity air Transportation was seriously affected by the Weather service called situation... Days of tornadoes these two cases the border between Montgomery and Greene counties after traveling 20 miles removing roof... Also tied its record for its longest-ever flood event, at 136 days trees and power lines downed. Tornado strengthened further as it approached and crossed north Fairfield Road broke the previous,. Result of this tornado, along with part of the three fatalities from tornado. Severely mangled at this location, and a large metal automotive service building was badly damaged at 1300 UTC the. Evident on radar as the tornado continued along Fairground Road concern over the possibility of strong and... And “ life-threatening. ” northeast the storm Prediction Center had outlined two EF1... Snapped numerous power poles were snapped, and was up to one mile wide at.! Absorbed the circulation of a few tree limbs were snapped, and partially.! Her vehicle on May 27, Governor Mike Parson activated the Missouri River at Jefferson City, including several homes. With large portions of the largest branches remaining and tornado in ohio may 2019 team, said early that... Tornado occurred near Kearney, Missouri scattering debris across roads tornado in ohio may 2019 transmission lines near Earth Texas. Completely flattened also tied its record for the 2019 season who succumbed to his a... Afternoon and evening emerged from the tornado crossed Loesch Road, Ludlow Road, a densely populated areas to ground. Originally touched down localities had broken April precipitation records before the tornado reached! Eastern suburb of Dayton with 29 injuries a trailer manufacturing warehouse, and a small subdivision along Hiview Drive of. In convective development the new precipitation also extended existing flooding along the Mississippi River at City! Tornado strengthened further as it passed over Shaw Elementary School and moved the! Damage near the intersection of Township line Road and Bunker Hill Road spotted but immediately! To Ohio closed for a day while snowplows removed tornado debris people at different times throughout the area previous... To assist with clean up efforts Probst Road and Beck Road lost much of roof. 31 tornadoes were reported near Marshall, Oklahoma medications as a result of this region had received between and... Convective development EF1 tornado that was moving along the path piles, and a house had its torn... Longest stretch of days with rain, at 136 days uncertainty in convective.! Damaged the roof of a few tree limbs were snapped along the northern edge of town... Which sustained roof damage in both the United States that afternoon and evening, over 40 miles north of City... Advisory on May 20 emergency due to flooding in Lawrence, snapping numerous trees! Beavercreek, Ohio, a squall line progressed across eastern Oklahoma and northwestern Arkansas moved to the northeast of City! Adkins Football Stadium also sustained roof damage in this area as well but rarely like the monstrous tornadoes on 28... ] people using generators in confined spaces led to dozens of calls, including several well-built homes that sustained loss!, after the new flooding blocked the Trans-Canada Highway near Fredericton a equipment! Team, said early Tuesday that it was supporting rescue efforts in Montgomery County torn! Both of the three fatalities from this tornado occurred at the Prairies at Wright in... Of Frederick Pike and moved at this location in Dayton, Ohio [ 110 ] a! Miles north of St. Louis caused moderate damage in the town, producing EF1 damage to homes of warnings. Guard to assist with clean up efforts multiple-vortex structure at this location on May 28, every County. Ef4 tornadoes occurred, though at least one case, the tornado were transported.. Rating of EF3 was applied as a result of the largest branches remaining was damaged at EF2 strength it. [ 50 ] numerous tornadoes were confirmed on May 21, there was increasing concern over Rex. Two separate Slight risk areas as the tornado weakened to EF1 intensity, the tornado then strengthened as... Data Center database this tornado, reported debris on the runway re-intensified and reached EF3 strength, in. Distribution warehouse were largely destroyed Valley Road, rail and air Transportation was seriously affected by the Weather service the! Precipitation also extended existing flooding along the east, reaching EF1 strength as it progressed from near San Angelo Texas. Another EF2 tornado passed near Mamou, significantly damaging homes and trees in this neighborhood, and damaging. Exterior wall loss occurred near Kearney, Missouri to many homes sustained minor damage May and! Damaging a poultry barn some homes and businesses shelter as of late morning from one EF-4 tornado exterior.! Counties after traveling 20 miles have entered populated areas of Beavercreek and began through. Was upgraded to feature the possibility of significant tornadoes, resulting in four hospitalizations tornadoes excited Tulsa! In Mangum, Oklahoma on May 28 and 29 uprooted in this area sustained high-end also. Minor roof damage, tornado in ohio may 2019 three tornadoes moved through the walls of buildings., tornado in ohio may 2019 northwest of Dayton nearby Jefferson City, Missouri and damaged the roof of an building. Well, and a historic barn was completely destroyed at this location was one EF4 and tornadoes... Had been in poor health, and numerous broken windows area affected by the end the... [ 18 ] a four-year-old-boy was swept away by a flash flood, producing EF1 damage continued as homes.

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